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EFM 10M & 20M

EFM 10M & 20M

Ethernet in the first mile (EFM) Business Internet Service is reliable cost effective Internet service for small business delivering up to 10m or up to 20M Symmetrical speed with unlimited data.

Value for money:
No set up cost
Low ongoing monthly cost
24 months Agreement
Option of 10M or 20M Bandwidth
Static IP Address

Available Service Link speeds vary depending on the available infrastructure at the End User Site. Please refer to Table 1 below for the Service Links applicable to

Standard Grade Access IP Line Link Bandwidth

 Standard Grade Access IP Line Link Bandwidth
4 wire Up to 10Mbps
6 wire Up to 10Mbps
8 wire Up to 20Mbps


Note: The above speeds represent the maximum potential data rates for upload or download for an Individual Service.
The actual data rates will vary depending on:
The length of the copper wire from Your Site to the EFM enabled exchange;
The quality of the copper line between Your or Your End User’s Site and the EFM enabled exchange; electrical interference from outside sources;
The nature and quality of the connection at Your or Your End User’s Site;
Network utilisation and the number of End Users accessing the network at any one time;
Your or Your End User’s hardware or software and the web sites being visited.