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Type of Inbound numbers:

An inbound number, also known as a virtual number or toll-free number, are phone numbers used to forward a call from a caller to a termination point (your phone).
There is no infrastructure or physical cabling require for Inbound numbers They are virtual and piggy-back on existing landlines and mobile networks around Australia.
There are three types of inbound numbers in Australia,:
• 1800 Numbers – 1800 followed with a 6 digit number, e.g. 1800 111 111
• 1300 Numbers – 1300 followed with a 6 digit number, e.g. 1300 222 222
• 13 Numbers – have 13 followed by a 4 digit number p, e.g. 13 13 13
We point your chosen inbound number to your landline or mobile, so there’s no down time if you are transferring your current 1300 numbers.

Why 1300/1800 Number?

1300/1800 numbers provide many benefits for small to Large businesses, including start-ups companies, Sole traders, consultancies Business , or even an established businesses.


Business on the move

  • We live in a mobile world. 1300 numbers and other call features allow you to get away from the desk when you need to be on the move. For example, calls can be rerouted to a mobile phone, a colleague or a live answer or our virtual office service.

Make Better & Improve Marketing Decision:

  • Having a 1300/1800 number for your business allows you to improve your marketing strategy by tracking the performance of one or more advertisements. Use separate phone numbers in each advertising medium (e.g. a local newspaper, Letter box/PO BOX, Social Media), track the number of incoming calls and use this information to make an informed decision about where to spend in marketing.
  • Place a 1300/1800 number in advertisements and marketing material to convey a professional appearance to customers.
  • Manage multiple departments and/or offices using a single system.

Prioritise Customer Service

  • Reduce missed and abandoned leads by routing incoming calls to an available staff member or live answering service at any time. Never miss an opportunity to connect with customers again.
  • Direct callers to the most appropriate resource for their needs by providing a single phone number but routing the calls to a particular office based on the location of the caller; for example, route Victorian-based calls to the Melbourne office and Queensland-based calls to the Brisbane office
  • This Top-notch customer service will differentiate you from your competitors

Improve Calls and Sales Performance

  • Customers using a 1300 number only pay for the cost of a local phone call when dialling from a landline; they will not hesitate to call your business. & 1800 will cost Zero to your customer when they call you.