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TIG Telecom SIP Voice Service (the “Service”) allows an End User with an IP PBX or SIP Gateway Device to connect it and other Access Sites to Our Network via Wholesale Ethernet (the “Access”) and have its telephony traffic carried between Access Sites via IP utilising Session Initiation Protocol (“SIP”).

The Service can be utilised as an alternative to traditional ISDN.

The use of Wholesale Ethernet as the underlying delivery mechanism for the Service enables scalability.  Additionally, Primary Rate Interface (“PRI”) Trunks can be installed in parallel to the Service, enabling an End User to have service redundancy whereupon calls can overflow to the PRI Trunk from the Service in the event of an outage on the Service.

The Service consists of the following components:

  • Access: this Service offers connectivity to Your End User’s IP PBX or SIP Gateway Device and other Access Sites via the following Access interface types;
    • Ethernet Single-Service Access;
    • Ethernet Trunk; or
    • Ethernet Multi-Service Access.
  • Wholesale SIP Voice Service Sessions: the Service offers configurable options scalable from 5 SIP Sessions to 300+ SIP Sessions.
  • Wholesale SIP Voice Service IP Address Range: TIG telecom will allocate a /28, /29, or /30 IP Address Range for each Individual Service.
  • SIP Features:

The Service also offers the following features:

  • Direct In Dial number ranges
  • Calling Line Identification (CLI) – Presentation and Restriction
  • Extension Level Billing
  • Main Billing Number
  • Local Number Portability
  • New Number Ranges
  • Number Range Reservation
  • White Pages Directory Listing
  • Call Redirection and Disaster Recovery Call Redirection
  • Call Overflow/Failover to PRI Trunks

The Service also supports PRI Trunks that can be used for redundancy purposes in the event of an Unplanned Outage to the Service.  A single PRI Trunk provides You with a Primary Rate Access (“PRA”) connection that can be used to carry up to thirty concurrent voice calls.

Multiple PRI Trunks may be required for connection to You to support the volume of call traffic.  If PRI Trunks are ordered, You will incur additional charges.